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PC Polygon Assistant, 2.0
© 2018 Reginald Bain


Use the pitch-class checkboxes 0-11 [C=0] to enter a pc set. The app will automatically draw the set's polygon notation (Touissant 2013), list the members of the PC set in ascending pc order beginning with 0, and calculate the set's normal form. It also reports the prime form and Forte name of the Tn/In set class (sc), as well as the sc's degree of symmetry (DOS) and interval-class vector. Definitions of these terms may be found in Straus 2016 & Rahn 1980. The normal form and prime form are calculated using the Rahn algorithm (Rahn 1980). CINT1 is the cyclic interval array of the prime form (Morris 1987). The T+1 and T-1 buttons will transpose the current set up 1 or down 1 semitone, respectively. The I button will invert the current set about the 0/6 axis. This is equivalent to the I0 (or T0I) transformation. The C button will display the current set's literal complement. The app also has an inversional axis display tool. Turn the axis on, and the app will display the 0/6 axis as a red dotted line. Use the decrement (<) and increment (>) buttons to display the 12 possible inversional axes.