Music Theory IV

Chapter Review Worksheets

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To help you prepare for the exams, I have created an optional Chapter Review Worksheet for each Burstein/Straus chapter. Once you have completed the assigned reading and Test Yourself exercises (you can check your answers in the back of the Concise 2/e textbook), you are ready to complete the worksheets below.

Chapter Points for Review Test Yourself Answers
Ch. 32 Other Chromatically Altered Chords
p. 290
pp. 290-91
pp. A-20-21
Ch. 33 Chromatic Sequences
p. 299
p. 299
p. A-21
Ch. 34 Chromatic Modulation
p. 300
pp. 309-310
pp. A-21-22
Ch. 40 Collections and Scales: DIA & PENT
p. 362
p. 363
p. A-24
Ch. 41 Collections and Scales: OCT, HEX & WT
p. 374
pp. 374-75
p. A-24
Ch. 42 Triadic Post-Tonality
p. 384
pp. 384-85
p. A-25
Ch. 43 Intervals
p. 396
pp. 396-97
p. A-25
Ch. 44 Pitch-Class Sets (Trichords)
p. 412
p. 413
p. A-25
Ch. 46 Twelve-Tone Serialism
p. 438
p. 439
p. A-26

If you have questions, please let me know. I am always happy to help you.

Ch. 32 Other Chromatically Altered Chords

Ch. 32 Other Chromatically Altered Chords (pdf); Answer Key (pdf)

Ch. 33 Chromatic Sequences (skip)

Ch. 33 Chromatic Sequences (pdf); Answer Key (pdf)

Ch. 34 Chromatic Modulation (skip)

Ch. 34 Chromatic Modulation (pdf); Answer Key (pdf)


Ch. 40 Collections & Scales I

Ch. 40 Collections and Scales I (pdf); Answer Key (pdf)

Ch. 41 Collections & Scales II

Ch. 41 Collections & Scales II: OCT, HEX & WT  (pdf); Answer Key (pdf)
Covers: OCT, HEX & WT

Ch. 42 Triadic Post-Tonality

Part 1: Triadic Transformation (pdf); Answer Key (pdf)

Part 2: Triadic Post-Tonality (pdf); Answer Key (pdf)


Ch. 43 Intervals
Ch. 43 Intervals (pdf); Answer Key (pdf)
Ch. 44 Pitch-Class Sets
Part 1: Pitch-Class Sets & Normal Form (pdf); Answer Key (pdf)

Part 2
Tn & TnI (pdf); Answer Key (pdf)

Part 3
: Set Class
(pdf); Answer Key (pdf)
Ch. 45 Inversional Symmetry


Ch. 46 Twelve-Tone Serialism

Ch. 46 Twelve-Tone Serialism (pdf); Answer Key (pdf)



Burstein, L. Poundie and Joseph N. Straus. 2020. A Concise Introduction to Tonal Harmony, 2/e. New York: Norton. {GB}

Straus, Joseph N. 2016. Introduction to Post-Tonal Theory, 4/e. New York: Norton. {GBd}

Updated: February 24, 2023

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