BAIN MUSC 336 Introduction to Computer Music
University of South Carolina
School of Music

Introduction to Computer Music

Fall 2021

MUSC 336 | Blackboard | E-book

C O U R S E   M O D U L E S
1. Course Introduction
2. Sound Editing &
3. Interactive Music
Programming & MIDI
4. Digital Audio
5. Synthesis
Triangle icon Sequencing

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Left quotes There are no theoretical limitations to the performance of the computer as a source of musical sounds, in contrast to the performance of ordinary instruments.
Right quotes
  Max Mathews  

Course Description

An introduction to the theory, history, and practice of computer music

Textbook (Open Access)

Burk, et al., Music and Computers: A Theoretical and Historical Approach (2011) {E-book}


Audacity | Max | MIDI | Digital Audio | MSP | Synthesis | Notation | Sequencing | History


  1. Syllabus (pdf)
  2. Creative Projects
  3. Listening Journal 7-12 Due: Fri., Dec. 3, 11:59 pm
  4. Listening List
  5. Code
  6. Terms & Concepts
  7. Bibliography
  8. Software


  1. Burk, et al., Music and Computers
  2. C74, Max Getting Started (pdf)
  3. Hass, Introduction to Computer Music (2021), Ch. 3 MIDI {Hass 2021}
  4. C74, How Digital Audio Works {C74}
  5. C74, MSP
  6. Burk, et al, Music and Computers


  1. Audacity (pdf)
  2. Max Programming (pdf)
  3. MIDI (pdf)
  4. How Digital Audio Works (pdf)
  5. MSP Basics (pdf)
  6. Reason (pdf)

Burk et al., Music and Computers Chapter Overviews

  1. Ch. 1: The Digital Representation of Sound: Sound and Timbre (pdf)
  2. Ch. 2: The Digital Representation of Sound: Playing by the Numbers (pdf)
  3. Ch. 3: The Frequency Domain (pdf)
  4. Ch. 4: The Synthesis of Sound by Computer (pdf)
  5. Ch. 5: The Transformation of Sound by Computer (pdf)
Magazines & Journals
  1. Create Digital Music (CDM)
  2. Computer Music Journal
  3. Journal of Music, Technology & Education
  4. Leonardo Music Journal
  5. Music Radar: Formerly Computer Music Magazine, Electronic Musician & Keyboard
  6. MusicTech
  7. Sound on Sound
  8. Synthtopia

Cloud Storage

  1. UofSC Office 365
  2. Dropbox
  3. Google Drive

Music Library Resources

  1. FindIt @ UofSC Libraries
  2. Naxos Music Library
  3. Grove/Oxford
  4. Harvard Dictionary
  5. JSTOR

Online Music Distribution

  1. Bandcamp
  2. SoundCloud
  3. YouTube


See also: MUSC 336 Bibliography & Articles

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Hass, Jeffery. 2021. Introduction to Computer Music: An Electronic Textbook, 2nd ed. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University. Available online at: <>.

Manning, Peter. 2013. Electronic and Computer Music, 4th ed. New York: Oxford. {GB; Full text: Ebook Central}

Winkler, Todd. 2001/1998. Composing Interactive Music: Techniques and Ideas Using Max. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. {GB; Full text: PASCAL}

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