Post-Tonal Theory

Table of Contents

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Joseph N. Straus, Introduction to Post-Tonal Theory, 4th ed. (New York: Norton, 2016).

The complete Straus 4/e Table of Contents is available in Google Books {GB}.

Here is a listing of the book's most important tables:


  1. List of Set Classes, pp. 378-381
  2. TnI
  3. Set class and symmetry
  4. Tetrachords with the transpositional combination property, p. 126
  5. CSEG-classes for CSEGs of 3 and 4 notes, p. 129
  6. Interval cycles, p. 164
  7. Maximally even set classes, pp. 170-171

Each Straus 4/e chapter ends with a comprehensive set of theory exercises, two in-depth model analyses, a set of guided analyses, and annotated bibliography with further reading. The first page of each of these sections are indicated below:

Chapter 1. Basic Concepts of Pitch and Interval, p. 1

Chapter 2. Pitch-Class Sets, p. 43

Chapter 3. Some Additional Properties and Relationships, p. 95

Chapter 4. Motive, Voice Leading, and Harmony, p. 159

Chapter 5. Centricity and Referential Pitch Collections, p. 228

Chapter 6. Basic Concepts of Twelve-Tone Music, p. 294

List of Set Classes, p. 378

Answers to Selected Theory Exercises, p. 389

Index of Concepts, p. 389

Index of Composers & Works, p. 395

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