BAIN MUSC 540/(737)
(Advanced) Projects in Computer Music

Learning Ableton Live

Links for my computer music students

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What is Abelton Live?
  1. Wikipedia {WP}
  2. Ableton Website {Ableton}


Ableton Reference Manual, Version 10 {Ableton}


  1. Introduction to Ableton Live {Coursera}
    Taught by: Erin Barra (Berklee)
  2. Sound Production in Ableton Live for Musicians and Artists {Kadenze}
    Taught by: Jordan Hochenbaum with special guest Robert Henke (Cal Arts)
  3. Music Production Specialization {Coursera}
    Taught by: Loudon Stearns (Berklee)

Video Tutorials

  1. Packs
    1. Installing packs {Ableton Help}
    2. Using third-party packs {Ableton}
  2. Getting Started with Live 10 {Ableton}
  3. Brian Funk, Sampling Black Holes {Berklee}


  1. Using Virtual MIDI buses in Live {Ableton}
  2. 10 Of The Best Ableton Live Tutorial Videos {Ableton}
  3. Max for Live: Max 7 Pitch and Time Machines {Ableton}


DeSantis, Dennis. 2015. Making Music: Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers. {Ableton}

Manzo, V.J. and Will Kuhn. 2015. Interactive Composition: Strategies Using Ableton Live and Max for Live. New York: Oxford University Press, {GB}

Margulies, Jon. 2014. Ableton Live 9 Power!: The Comprehensive Guide. Boston, MA: Cengage. {GB}

Perrine, Jake. 2013. Power Tools for Ableton Live 9: Master Ableton's Music Production and Live. Milwaukee, WI: Hall Leonard. {GB}

Updated: March 7, 2020

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