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(Advanced) Projects in Computer Music

Learning Logic

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What is Logic?
  1. Logic Pro X {Apple}
  2. Moving from GarageBand to Logic Pro X {Apple}
  3. Logic Pro X: Free 90-day Trial {Apple}


  1. Logic Pro X Help {Apple}
  2. Apple, In Depth look at Logic Pro X {Apple}

Video Tutorials

  1. The Epic Guide to Logic Pro X {Epic Tutorials}
    A free in-depth Logic Pro X tutorial series
  2. MusicTech, Logic Pro X: The Beginnerís Guide {MusicTech}
  3. Logic Session Breakdowns by Jacob Collier {WP}


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Dvorin, David. 2015. Apple Pro Training Series: Logic Pro X Advanced Audio Production: Composing and Producing Professional Audio. San Francisco: Peachpit Press. {GB}

Updated: August 20, 2020

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