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What is Mathematica? {Wolfram}


Wolfram Language & System Documentation Center {Wolfram}

Related Tools

  1. Wolfram Alpha: A computational knowledge engine {Alpha | About}
  2. Wolfram Mathworld: An online mathematics reference created Eric W. Weisstein {Mathworld | About}
  3. Wolfram Graphica {Graphica | About}
  4. Wolfram Tones {Wolfram Tones | About}
  5. Wolfram Functions: The world's largest collection of formulas and graphics about mathematical functions {Functions}

Related Concepts

  1. What is Computational Mathematics? {Wikipedia}
  2. What is Computational Audio? {Wolfram}

Journals and Blogs

  1. The Mathematica Journal
  2. Steven Wolfram's Blog

Getting Started

  1. Video Tutorials
    Visit the Wolfram Video Gallery (WVG)
  2. Other Tutorials
  3. Misc.

Computational Audio

  1. Shadi Ashnai, An Introduction to Computational Audio {Video: Wolfram}
  2. Documentation
  3. Wolfram Virtual Conference Series
  4. Misc. Topics

Musical Examples from the Wolfram Demonstrations Project {WDP}

  1. Music Demonstrations {WDP}
  2. Michael Schreiber, Fourier Sound Synthesis {WDP}
  3. Emmanuel Amiot and Fernand Brunschwig, Pythagorean, Meantone, and Equal Temperament Musical Scales {WDP}
  4. Justin Lubin, Algebraic Operations on Melodies {WDP}
  5. Jiayin Xie, Exploring Musical Tuning and Temperament {WDP}

WDP - Wolfram Demonstrations Project; WPL - Wolfram Programming Lab; WVG - Wolfram Video Gallery


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Updated: June 10, 2017

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