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(Advanced) Projects in Computer Music

Learning OpenMusic

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What is OpenMusic?

  1. What is OpenMusic (OM)? {IRCAM}
    OpenMusic is a LISP-based visual programming language for computer-aided composition that was developed at IRCAM
  2. Wikipedia Article {WP}

Download & Installation

  1. Download at: GitHub
  2. System Configuration and Installation: See OM User Manual

OMP - OpenMusic Project on GitHub

Documentation & Resources

  1. OpenMusic Project (OMP)  Pages {OMP}
  2. OM Overview {OMP}
  3. OM Documentation {OMP}
  4. OM Resources {OMP}

Video Tutorials

  1. OpenMusic, QuickStart Tutorial (2021) {OMP} <- START HERE
  2. Mikhail Malt, Meet the Forum: OpenMusic Tutorial (April 1, 2021) {IRCAM Forumnet}
  3. Peter Underhill, Composing with OpenMusic (2020) {YouTube Playlist}
  4. Federico Bonacossa, OpenMusic Tutorials (2013) {YouTube Playlist}

Other Tutorials

  1. Karim Haddad, OpenMusic Tutorial {IRCAM}
  2. Moreno Andreata, Zn Tutorial {IRCAM}
  3. Algorithmic Composer


  1. Institut de Recherche et de Coordination Acoustique/Musique (IRCAM) {IRCAM}
  2. IRCAM Music Representation Research Group {IRCAM; See also: STMS Lab}
  3. IRCAM Forum {IRCAM}
  4. Science and Technology of Music and Sound Laboratory {IRCAM}


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Updated: March 11, 2022

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