The Counterpoint of J.S. Bach

Bach and Friends

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"Bach with two notes, one on the right hand the other in the left hand, he can build a cathedral."

Joo Carlos Martins, pianist/conductor

Michael Lawrence's inspirational 2-hour documentary film Bach and Friends (Lawrence 2010) provides a wide variety of perspectives on J.S. Bach's music from leading performers, composers, critics, musicologists, scientists, and more. The full documentary is available in the USC Music Library on DVD 786. Selected segments are available on YouTube (see the links below) or on Lawrence's Bach & Friends website:

Lawrence, Bach & Friends (2010)
Opening Sequence {YouTube}

Recommended Scenes:
    1. Joshua Bell, violin {YouTube; Website}
    2. Simone Dinnerstein, piano {YouTube; Website}
    3. Bla Fleck, banjo {YouTube; Website}
    4. Hilary Hahn, violin {YouTube; Website}
    5. Matt Haimovitz, cello {YouTube; Website}
    6. Felix Hell, organ {YouTube; Website}
    7. Bobby McFerrin, voice {YouTube; Website}
    8. Edgar Meyer, bass {YouTube; Website}
    9. Chris Thile, mandolin {YouTube; Website}
    10. Swingle Singers, choral group {YouTube; Website}

Bach Scholars:
  1. Christoph Wolff, musicologist {YouTube; Website}
  2. Andrew Talle, musicologist {YouTube; Website}

Glenn Gould:
  1. Glenn Gould (McFerrin, Dinnerstein, Page, Thile, et al.) {YouTube; Website}
  2. Tim Page, music critic {YouTube; Website}
  3. John Q. Walker, on the 2006 Zenph Studios re-performance of Glenn Gould's 1955 recording of the Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 {YouTube}

Other Interesting Topics, Points of View, and Outtakes

    1. Bach [Project] Cut for EG '07 - Bach and Friends {YouTube}
    2. Zuill Bailey, cello {YouTube: Website}
    3. John Bayless, piano
      • John Bayless, piano, Bach Meets the Beatles {YouTube}
      • John Bayless & Anatoly Larkin, pianos, Improvisation on the Aria from the Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 {YouTube; Website}
      • Charles J. Limb, M.D. (music and the brain researcher) and John Bayless, on fMRI and improvisation)  {YouTube}
    4. Manuel Barrueco, guitar {YouTube; Website}
    5. Harlan Brothers on fractal geometry and Bach (feat. Emerson String Quartet) {YouTube; Website}
    6. Uri Caine, pianist/composer, on Bach and jazz {YouTube; Website}
    7. Mike Hawley, piano {YouTube; Website}
      • Mike Hawley, Chorale Prelude, " I Call to You, Lord Jesus Christ, BWV 639 {YouTube}
    8. Hilda Huang, piano {YouTube; Website}
    9. Philip Glass, composer {YouTube; Website}
    10. Sharon Isbin, guitar, on Rosalyn Tureck {YouTube}
    11. Joo Carlos Martins, pianist/conductor {YouTube}
    12. Sid Meier, video game developer, on CPU Bach {YouTube; Website}
    13. Peter Schickele & P.D.Q. Bach, composer {YouTube; Website}
    14. Jake Shimabukuro, ukelele {YouTube; Website}
    15. Richard Stoltzman, clarinet {YouTube}
    16. The Mind of Music: Yehudi Menuhin & Dr. Lewis Thomas {YouTube}
    17. Robert Tiso, glass harp (with Mike Hawley) {YouTube; Website}


Lawrence, Michael. 2010. Bach & Friends. DVD. Baltimore, MD: Michael Lawrence Films. {Website; IMDB; WP}

Updated:  November 12, 2023

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