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Portraits of Debussy

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Portraits of Debussy

The Musical Times published a special series of articles in 1966-67 titled "Portraits of Debussy":

  1. Jeremy Noble, Debussy and Stravinsky {JSTOR}
  2. Anthony Cross, Debussy and Bartók {JSTOR}
  3. Robert Henderson, Debussy and Schoenberg {JSTOR}
  4. Mosco Carner, Debussy and Puccini {JSTOR}
  5. Peter J. Pirie, Debussy and English Music {JSTOR}
  6. Rollo Myers, Debussy and French Music {JSTOR}
  7. Niall O'Loughlin, Koechlin and Debussy {JSTOR}
  8. Roger Smalley, Debussy and Messiaen {JSTOR}
  9. John C. G. Waterhouse, Debussy and Italian Music {JSTOR}
  10. G. W. Hopkins, Debussy and Boulez {JSTOR}
  11. Edward Lockspeiser, Debussy in Perspective {JSTOR}


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