Music Theory I

Daily Schedule

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Required Textbook (Open Access)

Mark Gotham, et al. Open Music Theory, Version 2 (OMT2). Available online at: <>.

Week 1: June 19-24


Homework: Quiz 1a-c

Homework: Quiz 2a-c

    1. Introduction to Harmonic Schemas in Pop Music {OMT2}
    2. Textural Layers

Homework: Quiz 3a-b

Week 1 Homework
: Fri., June 23, 11:59 pm

Chord Loop Project
Due: Mon., June 26, 12:20 pm

Mon., June 26, in class

Week 2: June 26-29

Homework: Quiz 4

Homework: Quiz 5a-b

    1. Sequences (Mount and Rothfarb 2020)
    2. Galant Schemas - The Rule of the Octave and Harmonizing the Scale with Sequences {OMT2}

Homework: Quiz 6a-c

Week 2 Homework
: Fri., June 30, 11:59 pm

Melody Harmonization Project
: Mon., July 3, 12:20 pm

Mon., July 3, in class

Week 3: July 3-7

Homework: Quiz 7a-b

Homework: Quiz 8a-c

Week 3 Homework
Due: Thurs., July 6, 11:59 pm

Form Project
Due: Fri., July 7, 11:59 pm

Due: Fri., July 7, 11:59 pm


See also: BAIN MUSC 115 Bibliography

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Updated: August 10, 2023

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