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Learning MC

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What is MC?

Cycling 74, MC, from the Max 8 Documentation {C74}

Max Documentation and Tutorials

  1. Max 8 Documentation & Tutorials
  2. Getting Started with MC

Third-Party MC Tutorials

  1. Tarakajian (dude837), Delicious Max Tutorials {YouTube Playlist}
  2. Foderaro, Amazing Max Stuff {Website; YouTube Playlists}

MC Talks

  1. David Zicarelli, Fun with Complexity using MC in Max (2020), MusicHackspace {YouTube}
  2. David Zicarelli & Tom Hall, Multi-channel audio as creative space: Inside Max 8ís MC, Ableton Loop Conference (2018) {YouTube}


Cycling '74. 2022. Max 8 Documentation. Available online at: <>.

Updated: March 11, 2022

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