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(Advanced) Projects in Computer Music

Learning Max (Intermediate)

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Max Basics

See BAIN MUSC 336 Learning Max (Basics)

Documentation, Tutorials & Guides

  1. Max 8 Documentation {C74}
  2. Max 8 Tutorials
  3. Max 8 Guides

Getting Started with...

  1. BEAP (Berklee Electro-Acoustic Pedagogy)
  2. Data
  3. Gen {C74}
  4. Extending Max: JavaScript, Node JS, and C/C++ {C74}
  5. MC {C74}
  6. Packages {C74}
  7. Polyphony {C74}
  8. Standalones {C74}
  9. Vizzie {C74}

Max Community

  1. Projects by Max Users {C74}
  2. Max Blog: Get the Latest on Max and the C74 Community {C74}
  3. Max Forums {C74}
  4. Max in Education {C74}

Video Tutorials

  1. Cycling '74 (C74)
  2. Third Party

Other Tutorials

  1. Darwin Grosse, 20 Objects: A Pragmatic Method for Learning Max/MSP/Jitter and Max for Live {}
  2. Amanda Ghassaei, Instructables: MaxMSP Tutorials {}


  1. Tom Hall, Gen: Inside Max's Secret Weapon with Cycling '74, Loop Conference (2018) {YouTube}
  2. Mikhail Malt, IRCAM Forum Pedagogical Team, Max Demo, at Meet the Forum (2021) {IRCAM Forum}
  3. Sam Tarakajian, Keynote: Node for Max—Bringing Node to Desktop Creative Software -  {YouTube}
  4. David Zicarelli, Fun with Complexity using MC in Max (2020) {YouTube}
  5. David Zicarelli & Tom Hall, Multi-channel audio as creative space: Inside Max 8’s MC, Loop Conference (2018) {YouTube}

Max Packages {C74}

Article: C74, Ten Packages to Try in 2022 {C74 Articles}
  1. Algorithmic Composition
  2. Computer-Aided Composition
  3. Granular Synthesis
  4. Machine Learning

Other Max Apps

  1. IRCAM Forum
  2. Manzo, EAMIR Project: An open-source music technology project (Manzo 2016)

Max for Live

  1. What is Max for Live? {C74}
  2. Max for Live Devices by Robert Henke {}
  3. Manzo & Kuhn, Interactive Composition: Strategies using Ableton Live and Max for Live (Manzo & Kuhn. 2015) {GB; Full text: ProQuest}

Programming Techniques

See Cipriani and Giri 2019, Lyon 2012, Manzo 2016, Pasquier 2018, Taylor 2018, Winkler 1998 and Wright 2017

Dobrian (UC Irvine)

Elsea (UC Santa Cruz), Tutorials for Max/MSP {}

C74 GitHub Repositories {GitHub}


Darwin Grosse, Art + Music + Technology podcast {Libsyn}

Online Courses

Matt Wright (Stanford University), Programming Max: Structuring Interactive Software for Digital Arts (Max 7) {Kadenza}

Philippe Pasquier (Simon Fraser University), Generative Art and Computational Creativity {Kadenza}


Agostini, Andrea and Daniele Ghisi. 2015. "A Max Library for Musical Notation and Computer-Aided Composition." Computer Music Journal 39/2 (Summer 2015): 11–27. {JSTOR}

Cipriani, Alessandro and Maurizio Giri. 2019. Electronic Music and Sound Design Theory and Practice with Max 8, Contemponet. Volume 1: GB; Volume 2: GB; Website}

Cope, David. 2005. Computer Models of Musical Creativity. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. {GB}

__________. 2004. Virtual Music: Computer Synthesis of Musical Style. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. {GB}

Lyon, Eric. 2012. Designing Audio Objects for Max/MSP and Pd. Middleton, WI: A-R Editions. {GB; Full text: ProQuest}

Manzo, V.J. 2016. Max/MSP/Jitter for Music: A Practical Guide to Developing Interactive Music Systems for Education and More, 2nd ed. New York, Oxford. {GB; Full text: Ebook Central; Companion Website | EAMIR}

Manzo, V.J. and Will Kuhn. 2015. Interactive Composition: Strategies using Ableton Live and Max for Live. New York: Oxford University Press. {GB; Full text: ProQuest}

Pasquier, Philippe. 2018. Generative Art and Computational Creativity. Valencia, CA: Kadenze. Available online at: <>

Rowe, Robert. 2001. Machine Musicianship. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. {GB}

___________. 1993. Interactive Music Systems. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. {GB; Full text:}

Taylor, Gregory. 2018. Step by Step: Adventures in Sequencing with Max/MSP. San Francisco: Cycling '74. {GB}

Winkler, Todd. 2001/1998. Composing Interactive Music: Techniques and Ideas Using Max. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. {GB; Full text: PASCAL}

Wright, Matt. 2017. Programming Max: Structuring Interactive Software for Digital Arts. Valencia, CA: Kadenze. Available online at: <>.

Updated: March 11, 2022

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