Introduction to Computer Music

Max Programming Glossary

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Here is a listing of the most important computer programming concepts we will encounter in our study of Max/MSP with links to articles in Wikipedia (WP). For a more comprehensive online computer programming glossary, see the Wiktionary Glossary of Computer Programming. See also: Butterfield, Ngondi, and Kerr 2021; and Angius et al. 2021.

    1. Abstraction {WP}
    2. Algorithm {WP}
    3. ASCII {WP}, Extended ASCII {WP} & Unicode {WP}
    4. Commenting code {WP}
    5. Computer programming {WP}
    6. Control flow {WP}
    7. Counter {WP}
    8. Central processing unit (CPU) {WP}
    9. Cymatics {WP}
    10. Data type {WP}
    11. Debugging: syntax error & logical error {WP}
    12. Depth-first search {WP}
    13. Encapsulation {WP}
    14. Execution (of a program) {WP}
    15. Floating-point number {WP}
    16. Flow chart {WP}
    17. Generative art {WP}
    18. Generative music {WP}
    19. Graph {WP}; See also: Directed acyclic graph {WP}
    20. Graphical programming language {WP}
    21. Human-computer interaction (HCI) {WP}
    22. Increment {WP}
    23. Initialization (of a program) {WP}
    24. Input/Output (I/O) {WP}
    25. Iteration {WP}
    26. Interpreted (programming) language {WP}
    27. Integer {WP}
    28. Loop {WP}
    29. Message {WP}
    30. Number {WP}
    31. Object-oriented programming {WP}
    32. Operating system {WP}
    33. Parameters & Arguments {WP}
    34. Peer programming {WP}
    35. Preemptive multitasking {WP}
    36. Programming language {WP}
    37. Pseudorandomness {WP}
    38. Program {WP} & Subprogram {WP}
    39. Recursion {WP}
    40. Scheduling {WP}
    41. Stack {WP}
    42. User Interface {WP}
    43. Variable {WP}
    44. Von Neumann architecture {WP}

WP - Wikipedia


Angius, Nicola, Giuseppe Primiero, and Raymond Turner, 2021. "The Philosophy of Computer Science", The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Edward N. Zalta, ed. Available online at: <>.

Butterfield, Andrew, Gerald Ngondi, and Anne Kerr. 2021. Oxford: A Dictionary of Computer Science, 7th ed. New York: Oxford University Press. {ODCS}

Updated: October 30, 2021

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