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Program Note


for alto saxophone and piano

by Reginald Bain

Inspired by French symbolist poet Arthur Rimbaud's (1854-1891) collection of poems of the same title, Illuminations (2005) explores sonically the colorful imagery of "Métropolitan," one of the delightfully evocative poems in Rimbaud's collection. Selected passages from Rimbaud's "M├ętropolitan" were chosen to serve as a source of inspiration for the various sections of the piece. Commissioned by the Ambassador Duo, the world premiere was given at the 2004 North American Saxophone Alliance Biennial conference. The work was also featured later that year at the Yantai International Winds Festival in China.

An illumination from a Latin Bible (1407)

Credit: Wikipedia


Listen to the entire composition on Spotify, or listen to excerpts below.

Clifford Leaman, alto saxophone
Derek Parsons, piano

Illuminations is available on the RoseWind Duo's album Illuminations, EQ77.


Rimbaud's Metropolitan, english translation by Wallace Fowlie (Rimbaud 2005) {GB}


Rimbaud, Arthur, translated by Wallace Fowlie. 2005. Rimbaud: Complete Works, Selected Letters, a Bilingual Edition.
     Chicago: University of Chicago Press. {GB}

Updated: January 19, 2016