Featured Works

I dream of instruments obedient to my thought
and which with their contribution of a whole new world of unsuspected sounds,
will lend themselves to the exigencies of my inner rhythm.

— Edgard Varèse

Melencolia (2021-22), for text, image, and electronic sound, in progress

Genetic Variations (2022), for electronic sound {Note}

Erasure (2021), for flute, bassoon, violin and cello

Double Helix (2019), a computer-generated composition {Note}

Totality (2016) for bassoon and piano {Note | New Focus Recordings | Bandcamp | Spotify | Naxos2}

Constellation (2015) for flute and electronic sound {Note}

Images (2014) for oboe and piano {Note}

Stained Glass (2014) for vibraphone and electronic sound {Note}

Harmony (2013) for solo piano {Note}

Iteration (2012) for alto saxophone, marimba and electronic sound {Note | Spotify}

Frieze (2011) for cello and piano {Note}

Dark Energy (2011) for viola quartet {Note}

A Mathematical Offering (2010) for oboe and bassoon {Note}

Pi Day (2009), a computer-generated blues in B-flat {Note}

Tiling (2009) for viola and piano {Note}

Chaos Game (for Nancarrow) (2009), a computer-generated composition {Note | Spotify}

When Inspiration Came (2009), a computer-generated composition {Note | Spotify}

Jovian Images (2008) for soprano saxophone and electronic sound {Note | Spotify} *

Luminescent (2007) for alto saxophone and marimba {Note | Spotify}

The Music of the Primes (2006), a computer-generated composition {Note | Spotify}

When I Consider the Heavens (2005) for SSATTB chorus and electronic sound {Note} *

Illuminations (2005) for alto saxophone and piano {Note | Spotify}

May the Angels Take You Into Paradise (2004) for assembly, solo voice, liturgical choir and piano

Strange Attractors & Logarithmic Spirals (2001), a computer-generated composition {Note | Spotify}

God Does Not Play Dice (1998), a computer-generated composition {Notes}

I. The Uncertainty Principle {Spotify}
II. Schrodinger's Cat {Spotify}
III. Sum Over Histories {Spotify}

Two Voyagers (1998) for soprano voice, alto voice and piano
     on two poems by Emily Dickinson: Two butterflies went out at noon (Bartelby) & The heart asks pleasure first (Bartelby)

The Language of the Angels (1996), a computer-generated composition {Notes}

I. Whether one angel talks to another {Spotify}
II. Whether a lower angel speaks to a higher one {Spotify}
III. Whether an angel talks to God {Spotify}
IV. Whether distance has an effect on the angels' speech &
Whether all the angels know what one says to another {Spotify}

The Butterfly Effect (1994), a computer-generated composition {Spotify}

Piano Variations (1993) for solo piano

Not Speaking (1993, rev. 2004) for soprano saxophone, alto saxophone and vibraphone {Note} *

Is/Ought (1991) for trumpet ensemble

In the Presence of Angels (1989), for soprano voice and piano
     Text: Psalm 138 adapted by Reginald F. Bain, Sr.

Retreat from Quiescence (1989), a computer-generated composition

- A full-length recording of a live performance is available

* - A brief excerpt from a live performance is available

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Updated: April 23, 2022