University of South Carolina
School of Music

Music Theory I

Summer 2023

MUSC 115 | Blackboard | E-Book

C O U R S E   M O D U L E S
1. Fundamentals Review
2. Harmonic Schemas
in Popular Music
3. Diatonic Harmony
4. Sentences & Periods
Form in Popular Music
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OMT Glossary

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Course Documents

  1. Syllabus (pdf)
  2. Bibliography

Required Textbook (Open Access)

Open Music Theory (OMT), Version 2 {OMT2} (Gotham, et al. 2020)


See Blackboard

Course Materials

  1. Handouts
  2. Digital Anthology
  3. The Nashville Number System
  4. Music Notation

Composition/Analysis Projects

  1. Chord Loop Project (pdf)
  2. Melody Harmonization Project (pdf)
  3. Form Project (pdf)

Music Theory Fundamentals Handouts

  1. Keyboard Diagram (pdf)
  2. Major and Minor Scales (pdf)
  3. Solfčge Syllables (pdf)
  4. Scale Degree Names (pdf)
  5. Intervals (pdf)
  6. Interval Size in Semitones (pdf)
  7. Transposed Major Scales (pdf)
  8. Key Signatures (pdf)
  9. Chord Types (pdf)
  10. Lead-Sheet Symbols (pdf)
  11. Four-Chord Schemas (pdf)
  12. Chord Inversions & Figured Bass (pdf)
  13. The Chorale Style (pdf)
  14. Embellishing Tones (pdf)
  15. Roman Numerals (pdf)

Online Resources

  1. Computer-Assisted Instruction
  2. Calculators

Main References

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Updated: August 10, 2023

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